First Dance Session – Co-Teaching Style

As most of my avid blog readers know, I participate in a dance company called Propeller Dance. You can find out more about them via their website at:, or via their blog at: You can read up on their blogs tooo! Anyway, as most of you know, or may not know, I participate in the Monday evening dance class. Well, today, we started a beginner class for those interested in Propeller Dance, and don’t want to perform, as well as our main classes are quite full.

 Anyway, as one of my goals for this year, I wanted to partake in more of a teaching role, with regards to Propeller Dance, and today was just the start of that goal. I am helping two other people co-teach this beginner class on Thursday mornings for the next five weeks or so.

Today I got to meet a few new people I didn’t know, and one of them uses crutches… like the forearm ones I use, and I got to see how she danced with them.  It just shows there are multiple different ways to dance, and I personally can’t wait to experiment with this during my class on Monday evenings.

I am literally so excited for next Thursday’s class. As of next week, I get to instruct an exercise where, if comfortable, one person in a two person partnership has to close their eyes, and allow the other person to guide them across the space. This exercise gives hindsight into how I dance with a visual impairment. It’s an exercise I did with the Monday group I’m a part of, did it last year with them.

As you can very well see, I’m quite excited to be of assistance to Renata, (co-directer of Propeller Dance), and Liz, (dancer with the Propeller Dance Company). I can’t wait for more chances like this in the future, as well as this one right now.

Enough on that… for now. I do believe I will blog again tomorrow, or perhabs now, since I have added library time. As for this blog, however, it is complete! 😀

A Blog… From the Library… Told You I Would!

With only 19 minutes or so remaining, this blog has to be a quick one. Doing quite better today, although, with consuming two bananas this morning, as well as a pita with butter, you’d think I’m back to normal. Well, in eating, yes, although the tiredness is still kinda there… didn’t think it would be, but it is.

As for the rest of today, hmmm… I need to find out exactly where the GCTC is, as I have to help teach a dance class there tomorrow morning… super excited about that!! Going to be co-teaching with two other people! My sister Chara joined the class, and to think I’ll be teaching her? Quite awesome!!!

As for now, there’s only a few minutes left of library time. I also have Steven patiently waiting for me, and, how sad is this, I took up the full hour… wasn’t planning on being that long! Oh well, this just means he can take as long as he wishes tomorrow… *ingraves that in my head!*

As for now, blog is complete! Will probably just blog from here tomorrow! 😀

Rested All Day. Will Insomnia Keep Me Up Tonight?

Written on September 23, 2014

So, didn’t think I’d write again today, but here I am, writing. When Steven returned from his appointment, I ended up lying down and slept while he did laundty, and went to the food bank.

With going to sleep, and officially waking up at 8pm, I slept, on and off for 5 hours. Currently sitting here and wondering if sleep will happen tonight. Yes? No? I hope so? I shall find out when I lie down again.

Hopefully sleep will come, and hopefully I will sleep well. As for now, this blog is done. Gonna write a blog from the library tomorrow.

Got Sick at 6am? Really?

Written on September 23, 2014

I have this possible hatred twoards my pain meds, which, even though they never made me sick before.

So, I woke up at 11:30, so I would be awake for when Chara arrived so that Steven could go to his appointment.

Now I am doing a little better, all thanks to Steven getting me ginger ale. Thank goodness for that! Seriously!

Now patiently waiting for Steven to return. Hope this is tha last of me getting sick for a while, a long while, hopefully.

No Dance… Thank You Knee!!

Written on September 22, 2014

Well, I was supposed to go to dance this evening, but my kne had other plans… figures! All because of the cold… I think.

I was in the process of getting ready for dance when this all started. Getting from the nice warm bath, to the not so nice cold air outside the bath triggered this. Today, it was cold outside anyway, which I’m sure added to it as well.

Steven took on the role of PSW like a champ. He supported me with my transfers, and became the awesome boyfriend role when my med for pain reacted with me in a not so favourable manner. Ended up lying down with my head on his lap, and he played with my hair so I could sleep for a little while… awwww… I know, I know, right?

So, as it stood, no dance till Thursday! Now I’m just writing this before I get ready for sleep.

As for now, this blog is done! Now sleep calls!

Empty House… Time to Write!

So, everyone is out of the house at the moment. Steven, my boyfriend as most of you know, is at an appointment. My roommates had to go pick up a package, so here I am… I’m listening to Cimorelli, and blogging. It’s gonna be a mixed bag of a blog today, but this is what happens with me sometimes.

So, over the last few days, I’ve been trying to figure out the best ways to be helpful to Steven, and I’m slowly seeing things I never really fully paid much attention to before. I usually just went with what he said, and that was that. Now, I look more closely at things, so then in turn I can help him where needed. It’s a difficult balancing act, finding the centre of gravity, if you will. It gets easier with the more things I notice, and the more he tells me what is truly on his mind. 🙂

As he has said to me, being around me calms him. A good way I see that is the fact he wants to come with me to dance tonight and watch me. I think, even though I don’t know if he’ll admit, there’s a calming mechanism to watching me do what I love doing.

Enough on that subject, for now. Indeed, I do have dance rehearsal tonight, which I am super excited about! We have a full class, and it’s awesome to work with everyone, and their varying abilities. I plan, as a chance of pace to bring my crutches to dance from now on. I believe it’ll provide me with greater movement, and also give me a challenge, which is one of my goals for this year.

So excited, tomorrow is sister day for Chara and I! Since I will be spending the remainder of the week with Steven, we decided to do our sister day tomorrow. I am definitely excited about that! It’s also being planned for tomorrow because of an appointment I don’t want to be here for. (This will be explained in another blog, at a later time!)

So, I think I am done this blog for now. Trying to blog at least once a day, so I will blog, for sure, again tomorrow… unless I do another one today! 😀

No Judgements, Not Now Anyway!

So, here I am… while Steven, Chara and Dave go for a walk, I thought I’d start this blog now. I had another wrench in Steven and my relationship, but I can fully say I didn’t understand him, until now. I didn’t put the pieces together.

Originally, I thought Steven was repeating this pattern because he didn’t know how to show much he loved me, so then he’d just scurry off… boy, was I ever wrong! He has issues with family, just like me, a lot of pent up anger. So, in order to escape it, he creates his fear… like I did. Now that I fully get this, I now know I need to extend my patience more.

In turn, however, I need honesty from him so I can help him through what he needs. I love him enough to do just that, help and make sure he is actually ok. So, I now reevaluate this, knowing what I know now.

One Month as of Yesterday Already? Who Would’ve Known?

Yes, I know this title explains things rather nicely to those who know already, but maybe not to those who don’t. So, therefore, I shall explain loud and clear to those who do not  know, or, who don’t pay attention to Facebook enough to care.

Remember, dear blog readers, I wrote a blog previously that I was saying I was getting to know a man, a real one? Well, shortly after that, I end up dating, said man. Now, did I expect this? No, not really. Did I wish something would happen? Duh! Who wouldn’t? I got pretty tired of everyone else being in a happy, or at least somewhat happy relationship, when I didn’t. That’s surely not the case now.

As of yesterday, it has been a month for me, and of course, my boyfriend. It’s funny how I thought males didn’t know the word patience? Well, in this case, I was mistaken, greatfully so. I thought patience was a difficult thing to find, which for all you past boyfriends who thought I was too slow, grow up and get over your manly desires. You may say it was my fault, but obviously you didn’t love me enough to care what I felt, now, did you? No. I am in a relationship now, a strong one, so I am done with past bullshit. This one month seriously feels like five, or six months. Note to you boys who still think with your organs, I tried to make you fit like a puzzle piece, but in this relationship, it already fits, no editing, no nothing.

So, advice to the stupid world of guys, good luck in finding a true woman, or a woman who doesn’t just want *that.* That’s all I will say, except that I am happy moving forward with no idiots tracing a path behind me.