Another Ramble type Thing… figures!!

Well, apparently I’m in a pointless blogging mood today… not sure why this is, but you’ll have that. Not sure what to do before bed. Got lots to do tomorrow. Gotta wake up, probably early, and actually purchase my crutches. I get to sadly watch $95.00 fly out of my account… not a fan, but gotta happen.

Currently watching Who Do You Think You Are… a show about celebrities who follow their family trees, and discover mysteries about their families. It’s really interesting. I wish, one, I could be a celebrity, so I can, two, go on the show and find out my ancestry. I may be insane to want that, but I do. I didn’t know this stuff interested me until last year’s season, but apparently, it does.

So, hmmm, what else to write about? Pointless rambling I guess? Hey, it works, I suppose. Since I am in a writing mood, I actually may work on my sequel of Izzy Willy-Nilly. I’m in a creative mood at almost 10:30pm? Really? We will see if that creativity actually happens tonight… it might not.

Well, again, for now I think I am done blogging… maybe…