Early Morning Ramble

So, I’m up, and it’s only 7am. Pretty exhausted still, but I don’t know if I can sleep. Sleep? What’s that? Right… it’s overrated anyway… I think so. Well, besides it raining outside, and my knee semi killing me. Apparently, I don’t have much to talk about, or write about anyway.

I see a nap at some point, or going back to sleep after I write this ramble. Currently reading The Fault in our Stars, all because I watched a streamed version of the movie… awesome movie, just saying. The book, however, even better! I’ve been recommending this book to almost everyone that crosses my path. I’m the awesome one that recommends awesome books, to, of course, awesome people!

Well, maybe I’ll sleep? Maybe? Right… sleep… that thing…

That lovely, overrated thing…

Well, I guess I’m done with this post, maybe…

Ooo, one more thing… maybe I should actually post the synopsis of this awesome book!!! Go TFIOS!!!

TFIOS Summary


There you go!!! 😀 Enjoy!!! 😀

I will write again soon!!! 😀