Monday’s Calypso Adventure!!

So, yesterday was absolutely awesome!!! I spent the day with my friends, Francie and Martin. They decided to take me to Calypso Water Park, just outside the city I live in. Yesterday was my first time going there. It was soooooo much fun!!! 😀

I got picked up at 10am, and then we headed out. I thought it fair that since Francie and Martin offered to go with me, it was only fair I paid for lunch, and ice cream for them. I also paid for the locker rental. Once I paid for my admission into the park, we started off the day by going on this really cool ride called Kongo Expedition. It was awesome… a great way to get soaked, multiple times, and it shocked you every single time water got dumped on you… I even got a blue shirt that says Kongo Expedition on it.

Me with Kango Expedition shirt

The above photo is me wearing said shirt I bought.

Anyway, Francie and Martin went on some rides I couldn’t go on, fast ones. I guarded Francie’s chair while she went on said rides. We ate lunch at this awesome buffet place, everything was sooooo good!! We also went on this ride after lunch called the Jungle Run.

The concept is similar to Kongo Expedition, except we used flutter boards, instead of tubes for Jungle Run. I ended up checking out their wave pool while Francie and Martin went on more rides they could go on. The wave pool was pretty fun.

Also, that Kongo Expedition ride? We went on it three times!!! Soooo awesome!!! Another awesome thing is that all the staff who worked at Calypso were very awesome! They all had clue in regards to people with visual impairments, or other disabilities for that matter… totally awesome!!!

All in all, a wonderful day!!! I, however, got a bit sunburnt… oh well. It happens.

All of us are planning to go again in August probably.

Well, anyway, that is all for this post!! 😀 😀