Short Story #2 – Ginny’s First Christmas

It was a rather brisk, cold november. I sat by my window waiting for Jana and Serenity to return home. Jana and Renny are my twin sisters. I’m the oldest, Trinity is my name. I’m almost 26. Yes, I still live at home with my mother Azalea, my step-dad Casey, whom we all called Papa.

Mom’s pregnant again, with her fourth girl. She’s supposed to be born just before Christmas. Mom’s gonna name her Ginette Renee, although she’s already nicknaming her Ginny. Mom also had an appointment for the baby today, and she took Jana and Renny with her.

Papa is overseas serving our country. In fact, so did mom, about a year and a half ago, as a nurse. Papa is a surgeon. They met while working under the same surgical team. I stayed at home with Jana and Renny, who were only 12 then. So, I’ve become the house sitter while mom and Papa were deployed. Now mom’s home, because of Ginny’s birth.

As mom, Jana, and Serenity entered, I went into the kitchen to make dinner for the family.  Renny and Jana went upstairs to do their homework before dinner, and mom came into the kitchen and sat down at the kitchen island.

“Thank you Trinny for making dinner,” mom said. “Can I help with anything?”

“No mom,” I said. “You need to rest. Dr. Peterson said so.”

“I know,” mom continued. “I just like to help.”

“All right,” I sighed. “You can cut the bagels for the garlic bread.”

“That’s fine,” mom seemed satisfied with that.

Jana and Renny came downstairs and into the kitchen then. Dinner was almost done. I had dessert already made in the fridge. I made it earlier in the day.

“That smells wonderful, sis!” Jana exclaimed.

“Thank you,” I said. “It’s almost dinnertime.”

“We can smell it from our room upstairs,” Renny added.  “We couldn’t concentrate on our homework with that smell wafting through the house. It smells delicious!”

After dinner was completed, dishes were done and put away, I took Jana and Renny Christmas shopping to buy something for mom. I also needed to buy something for mom as well. Of course, I told mom to rest, maybe immerse herself in one of many books she has, and I told her I’d be back in awhile.

I drove to this little mall in our town called, Fable’s Marketplace. It had tons of stuff on sale, affordable for our family. I grabbed a basket for my sisters and I, and we all started browsing. I immediately saw something I knew mom would like. It’s an old rustic rocker. It only cost around $30. I figured this rocker would be a wonderful Christmas gift for mom, and baby Ginny. Jana got mom a baby scrapbook for all the memories to be made during Ginny’s first year. Renny took the longest to find something for mom. She ended up getting her a camera, just so she could capture those memories for the scrapbook.

I drove home after, and we put the gifts in the garage. My sisters and I thought about wrapping the gifts while mom would be out, maybe at an appointment for Ginny. Mom rarely went into the garage, so it seemed the perfect place to store her presents for the time being.

We all entered into the living room where mom sat reading her book. She glanced up from her book, for a split second. She returned to her book then, and I went into the kitchen to do some more Christmas baking. Jana and Renny went upstairs to complete the rest of their math homework while I baked. I ended up baking another batch of my nana Chesney’s chocolate chip cookies. My family loves them… plus, we sell them at Jana and Renny’s school Christmas bake sale.


It’s now almost Christmas, and little Ginny isn’t born yet. Mom has to go to Dr. Peterson’s office today, and she asked me to accompany her. So, I ended up calling Nana to look after Jana and Renny, while I took mom to the doctor.

“Thank you Trinny,” mom said.

“For what?” I asked.

“Well, for one, being an amazing daughter,” mom continued. “Also, for taking me to the doc’s office today.”

“Well mom, you are overdue,” I said. “Plus, Nana can’t drive anymore. So, why wouldn’t I drive you? It’s common sense.”

“I thank you anyway,” mom replied.

We arrived at the doctor’s office then. I parked the car and met mom at the reception desk.

“Who are you hear to see?” A blonde haired girl asked.

“I’m here to see Dr. Peterson,” mom replied. “I’m overdue. I was supposed to have my baby girl on Sunday. It’s Friday now. Doc seemed concerned.”

“Oh, right,” the receptionist said. “He’s been expecting you. Come right this way, please.”

We followed her down a long hallway. We reached the end of the hallway, and we were accompanied to the last examining room on the left hand sir of the hall. The receptionist left us then, and mom and I waited for Dr. Peterson to enter.

“So, Azalea,” Dr. Peterson said, while entering the room. “Your little Ginny doesn’t want to come out on her own, does she?”

“As it seems right now, no,” mom replied.

“The next step of action is to induce you,” Dr. Peterson continued. “Head over to Fable’s Crescent Memorial Hospital. I’ll send over the orders for you to get started with the induction.”

We arrived at the hospital, and headed to the Labour and Delivery floor, after being checked in.

“Hello Azalea,” a red hair female nurse said. “My name is Tessa, and I am going to be your nurse today. If you wouldn’t mind getting into this hospital gown, that’d be great.”

Mom got into her hospital gown, and lay down on the hospital bed. She got hooked up to a fetal monitor, and an IV was placed to start the induction process. I called Nana to bring over Jana and Renny to the hospital to see mom. We all wanted to support mom in this process, since Papa wasn’t here.


Mom’s labour didn’t last long, and around 7pm, little Ginny was brought into the world. Now Ginny and mom will be coming back home within the next day or so. Ginny was born weighing in at seven pounds, four ounces, a perfectly healthy baby girl.

Mom ended up writing a letter to Papa describing to him about baby Ginny. It read:

Dearest Casey,

I wanted to write this letter to you after Ginny’s healthy birth. She weighs seven pounds, four ounces. She looks so much like you, it’s unbelievable. Even Jana, Serenity, and Trinity agree. I can’t wait for you to meet her! Her and I will be going home tomorrow. It’ll be nice to see you, hopefully sooner rather than later. I miss you so much!!

With love,



Ginny came home with mom the next day, it was the day before Christmas Eve. I did some more Christmas baking after I brought mom and Ginny home. It is still hard to believe that, even though Ginny won’t remember it, this will be her first Christmas with us.


Our family ended up opening gifts on Christmas Eve. All of us sisters gave Ginny some awesome Christmas/birthday gifts; a blanket, a few toys, clothes and little baby shoes. Mom ended up loving the gifts we got her. I ended up serving the baked goods I made that day after presents were opened. One thing was missing, Papa. So, I wrote my own personal letter to him.

Dear Papa,

Have I ever mentioned how much I miss you? We’re all missing you, especially since it’s Christmas, and you aren’t here with us. When are you returning home? I hope it’s soon. Mom misses you terribly, it shows in her eyes. Can you believe it’s Ginny’s first Christmas? I can’t. 

I will send along some small things to you to remind you of us, and how much we all truly miss you. Just thought I’d write this letter to you, even though mom wrote one too. I miss you, I love you. I hope to see you soon.

With love,

Your Trinny

After dessert, I walked to the mailbox to drop off mom’s, and my letters to Papa. As I was walking there, I thought how perfect this Christmas was. Mom and I wrote letters to Papa, we all enjoyed family time, and lastly, and most importantly, Ginny was brought into this world just in time for her first Christmas.