Today is Finally Show Day!!!!

Well, the title says it all, but today is show day for the dance group I am in!!!! Yay!!!! 😀 I gotta do a few errands first though before I head to the theatre for practice, and show time!!! I am super excited!!!!

Anyone who has not purchased tickets for the show can do so right here:

This year, it is only all the recreational classes performing!! To give you an idea, here are some photos of me getting ready for the dress rehearsal yesterday!!! Enjoy!!! 😀

Me Ready to Perform


This other picture is of me and a fellow dancer!!!

Me and Gen


Well, there you have it!!!!

I hope to see more people in the Ottawa area come out to the one, and only performance of Egress: My Love!!!

Super stoked!!!!!

All right, done blogging for now!!!

Hope to see everyone there tonight!!! 😀 😀 😀