Sunny Day… Yet, I Feel Like Baking!

Hello all!

I think the title speaks for itself… it’s sunny where I live presently, and quite a beautiful day outside. I, however, apparently want to be stuck inside, baking. I guess I will blame the fact I posted an abundance of recipes earlier. It, suddenly struck the baker chord in me. Something like that, anyway.

There’s one problem… at least momentarily… I don’t have eggs.

I called my neighbour to see if they had any I could use. I only needed two eggs, so I called them and asked. I am waiting for them to get back to me… hopefully soonishly, as I want to bake before my energy deflates.

Currently I have three bananas taken out of the freezer, and thawing out… now to wait on the only ingredient I don’t have… eggs!

Well, that’s all for now!

I will blog again soon!!! 😀